Jobseeker uses auto complete to fill out his CV

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A London-based jobseeker has used Google’s autocomplete to fill out his CV with hysterical results. Aaron Gillies, an Author who uses the Twitter handle ‘TechnicallyRon’, shared a copy of his new CV on Twitter. He commented: ‘I needed to update my CV so I did it all through google autocomplete and soon I will have every job’.

Google’s auto complete service decided that Khan was a more fitting name for the Author and rather than quote his home address, he should be upfront about the fact he lives alone. When listing his competencies, Google concluded that poor Aaron was ‘good at nothing’ with the proviso ‘but I can carry you’. Here’s the full text of Aaron’s new CV:

While Aaron’s CV is certainly attracting a lot of attention, we would suggest that if it were submitted to an employer without an explanation of its creative background, it would likely end up in the bin. Sorry Aaron!

We’d also suggest leaving a number of elements off your CV next time – for example, marital status and nationality. Although we’d love to believe that we live in a world where all applicants are treated equally, sadly bias does still exist. Giving your marital status can lead some prospective employers to reach conclusions about you – for example, that you won’t be as committed to the job or as integrated into the team. Similarly telling employers your nationality before they have met you could mean their own stereotypes of different cultures cloud their opinions.

Keep any unnecessary personal information off your CV and provide only information that your employer needs to know to offer you an interview. This ensures you have the best chance of getting your foot in the door and showing would-be employers that you are the right person for the job.

Aaron is no stranger to the auto complete service having used it to fill out his dating profile as well. Auto complete decided Aaron’s turn ons were hugging and depression; while his perfect partner was listed as a person addicted to alcohol who could fix his car and who thinks the earth is flat.


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