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Part time working is an attractive proposition for many. It offers an opportunity to earn cash, achieve a work-life balance, enable structured childcare or perhaps even to sponsor your time in the development of an entrepreneurial project. It is of benefit to both employers and the employee.

Anything under 35 hours per week can be considered as part time working. Working part time gives you the same set of employment rights as a full time employee including pro-rata holiday allowances, rights of pay, parental leave and so on.

For parents, part time working offers the opportunity to earn a good income whilst still allowing plenty of time for the kids. Mothers and fathers can organise their time to work different patterns of working hours to mean that the kids are always under parental care when not at school. For many, this is far more important than getting rich in full time work. Whilst income may by definition be less, the part time worker does at least get the opportunity to see their kids grow up.

Those who favour the work-life balance, such as those who are passionate about a hobby or pursuit may also benefit from part time working. Semi-professionals or those working towards professional occupations in sport or perhaps those studying for a university degree or vocational qualification discover the opportunity to fund their pursuit whilst achieving other important life objectives.

The entrepreneur may be another benefactor in the part time working scenario. Whilst there may be a good deal of home working during the early stage development of an entrepreneurial scenario, part time working presents not only the opportunity to earn money to keep the proverbial wolf from the door but also the opportunity to meet and engage with new people; some of whom may be useful to the development of the entrepreneurs business.

For the employer, the creation of part time position may in these difficult economic times provide a way to further business development and growth without the bigger financial commitment demanded by a full time employee. It can be a great way to get the input of experienced employees who can drive the strategy and growth of the business in the short and long term.

As we can see for many. part time working can be highly advantageous. The approach allows individuals certain opportunity to focus on other aspects of their lives whilst employers stand to benefit from lower cost commitments but access to parts of the workforce who offer significant experience and productivity benefits.


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